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We Focus on You

The Willkomm's have been taking care of business since 1946, so I guess you could say we've been around the block a few times! As we celebrated our 70th anniversary in business, we reflect on the past but also embrace the future growth of our company - from our beginnings as a Mobil Distributor to a PETRO Truck Stop in Racine and new Rocket Wash and The Dish Restaurant and more - we are excited to grow as diverse Willkomm Companies. Grandpa "Shorty" Willkomm set the ground rules long ago: FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER 100% OF THE TIME! Provide them with quality products, outstanding service, and do everything with pride.


By focusing 100% of the time on the WHAT (the products), the HOW (the service),

the WHO (uh, that would be you), we know we are ready when you come down that road!

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